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OnBase ECM Solutions lets your information find you
Take your business paperless with OnBase Document Management
Put information at your fingertips with OnBase ECM Solutions
Defend against rising costs with OnBase ECM Solutions
Consolidate and share information with OnBase ECM Solutions
Empower your mobile workforce with OnBase ECM Solutions
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OnBase for Manufacturing

Staying competitive means making effective use of technology to continually improve business performance. OnBase gives you the tools to do exactly that in one area or across an entire organization.

Manufacturers use ECM technology to transform how employees manage documents and process information by eliminating bottlenecks and reducing errors that negatively impact operational performance. Work gets done faster and more accurately.

Latitude 44 delivers ECM Solutions that will:

  • Establish a secure repository for all types of documents. It can start with paper, but it's equally important to have a secure repository for digital files which are critical to the business.

  • Reduce labor and material expenses related to physical document management by reducing or eliminating manual processing tasks and physical space and equipment required to store a growing volume of documents.

  • Reduce expenses related to digital file storage by establishing lifecycle management rules which will avoid file duplication and ensure adherence to document retention policies.

  • Facilitate collaboration between employees, mobile-workers, contractors, etc., in multiple locations by enabling them to retrieve and work with documents just as easily as if they were in the same location.

  • Improve compliance with industry standards and government regulations by providing employees quick and easy access to up-to-date and accurate information needed to measure performance and prepare reports.

  • Improve responsiveness to inquiries by customers, vendors, and employees by customizing how information is organized and accessed to optimize performance of each workgroup.

Manufacturing companies can implement an ECM solution to address a well-known problem that involves one or more areas of the organization. The experience provides them insight into the technical and non-technical aspects of expanding the system to other areas of the business.

  • Accounting AP/AR
  • Shipping
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory
  • Customer Care
  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  • Compliance

By leveraging their OnBase investment across the entire organization, companies improve their ROI and reinforce their competitive position in the market. Review the OnBase Department Solutions and contact Latitude 44 to discuss how we can help you achieve your ECM Strategy.

Contact Latitude 44 today and discover all the OnBase features available and discuss what ECM technology is right for your organization.

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