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OnBase for Facility & Network Management

OnBase Facility & Network management solution includes several techniques to increase the efficiency of managing buildings, grounds, and utility distribution networks.

Pull it all together with OnBase File Cabinets & Folders. This OnBase module enables users to design a file cabinet and folder structured view to organize content in the way that's most productive for them. Using document type and keywords, documents become associated with the appropriate folders enabling users instant access to all the information they need to research, plan and perform maintenance tasks.

Leverage your existing Facility and Network management applications with OnBase Application Enabler. Application Enabler integrates with any Windows, console, or browser-based application enabling users to retrieve documents stored in OnBase directly from their existing systems. Application Enabler can also 'scrape' data from existing systems and create a document or e-form in OnBase. This powerful OnBase module simplifies management of documents and information reducing labor and expense costs.

  • Operating & Safety Manuals
  • Diagrams, drawings, photographs
  • Maintenance Contracts & Warranties
  • Purchase Orders, Invoices, Packing Slips
  • Inspection & Maintenance Reports
  • Network Configuration & Inventory
  • Notices and Reports

OnBase Workflow is designed to improve operational efficiency by automatically routing documents through pre-defined facility management processes. Managers design each workflow lifecycle to recognize incoming document types and use over 220 rules and actions to control the schedule, cost, and quality of the actions taken. The incoming document that triggers the workflow process can be sent my various sources.

  • User Requests
  • System Reports
  • Device Alarms & Logs
  • Scheduled Tasks

Managers and Supervisors are often presented with 'unpredictable' events that require making an exception to the defined process. OnBase WorkView - Case Manager Solution provides management with a 360-degree view of the situation and provides the documents and information necessary to make decisions and take action.

  • One unified view of the situation through resolution
  • Maximize user knowledge & productivity
  • Leverages the OnBase investment
  • Scales from department to enterprise solution

Organizations are increasingly migrating to electronic forms (E-Forms) to eliminate paper documents and maximize efficiency. OnBase E-Forms enable organizations to capture business data with greater accuracy and lower cost than ever. E-forms can be used internally by employees and externally by customers allowing you to collect data from large populations quickly. E-forms improve the accuracy of data collected and provide greater security for sensitive information.

These are just a few of the OnBase features that can help you improve efficiency and lower cost of facility management. Contact Latitude 44 today for additional information on how we can help you manage your facilities and network.

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