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OnBase for Customer Service

What types of Customer Service do you provide?

Depending on the type and size of your business, an ECM solution may need to support multiple types of customer services. The right ECM solution can help you keep cost under control while providing exceptional service.

  • General Customer Service entails discussing what questions or issues the customer may have, resolving them or guiding them to another CSR with the ability to assist them.
  • Product Support Service assists in pre- and post-purchase questions about the products and services available.
  • Account Service assists in creation of new customer accounts, maintains existing accounts, and typically answers questions related to billing.
  • Technical Service assists customers to ensure they can effectively use the products and services.
  • Corporate Customer Service assists large or special accounts which are serviced differently.

There are ways to leverage ECM technology to improve both customer satisfaction and operational performance. Let's consider them in terms of people, documents, and technology.

  • People handle the incoming customer service requests, and, labor per call is one of the principle elements in the cost related to customer service. OnBase is designed to maximize the efficiency of people who work with documents and data. CSRs can instantly access groups of related documents and have all the information they need to serve the customer. This reduces per-call labor and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Documents required to serve the customer may come from different sources over time. OnBase File Cabinets and Folders automatically organizes related documents in 'virtual folders' enabling users instant access to all the information they need to complete tasks and make decisions.

    Documents and data may reside in other line-of-business systems and OnBase has multiple ways to integrate with these systems. Application Enabler is a powerful "no-code" tool that enables users to access OnBase content directly from their business applications. Application Enabler can also pull data from the business application screen to generate documents, E-forms, launch workflow, and trigger many more events which drive business processes.

  • Technology is able to help provide key advantages to businesses in maintaining customer loyalty by improving customer service:
    • Websites and Mobile Apps are an increasingly important portal for self-service customer support. OnBase can be integrated with web sites and mobile devices to automatically manage the content exchanged through these technologies.
    • E-mail is an efficient way to provide information and quickly respond to certain requests. OnBase Integration for Microsoft Outlook enables users to interact with OnBase content through the familiar Outlook interface. Users can index and store e-mails and attachments, search and retrieve documents, execute workflow tasks, and much more. E-mails can be automatically indexed during import and associated with related documents. E-mails and attachments are instantly available to other users and can trigger notification and workflow events.
    • Communication between people and systems optimizes business processes and reduces latency in process flow. OnBase supports several client interfaces and powerful APIs to support human-to-system and system-to-system communication. Dynamic communication capabilities are integrated with OnBase Workflow and Workview modules to ensure users are aware of status and events that impact critical business processes.
    • Software that helps you better manage relationships increases customer retention and gives you a competitive advantage in terms of product development and positioning. OnBase provides countless ways to gather data and documents for use in quality control, process analysis, modeling and testing. OnBase Report Services lets you analyze and share information needed to make proactive decisions.

    OnBase supports all these technologies and many more features that can be leveraged across your entire organization

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