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OnBase for Contract Management

Commercial contracts represent the obligations and commitments between the business and its customers and suppliers. They control key factors which impact the financial and operational performance of the business.

Managing contracts requires information is clearly visible to the right people who can analyze the information and make timely decisions which:

  • Generate revenue
  • Control expenses
  • Ensure resources
  • Mitigate risk

OnBase Office Business Application works seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications to manage contracts throughout their lifecycle. Users can track contracts through creation, revision, negotiation, approval, and renewal processes. Contracts are associated with all supporting documents, letters, e-mails, spreadsheets, etc., to facilitate the review and audit process.

Contract terms are often negotiated via e-mail. OnBase Integration for Microsoft Outlook simplifies indexing and importing email and attachments into OnBase. Users can store and retrieve all related documents directly from their familiar Outlook application.

>OnBase File Cabinets & Folders provide a structure for organizing and storing contract and related documents. When new documents are imported into OnBase, they are automatically linked to the related folders providing users a complete and up-to-date view of the situation.

OnBase Workflow allows managers to customize the tasks and actions to be performed for different types of contracts. Workflow lifecycles can be designed using over 220 rules and actions, configurable timers, and automatic notification to enforce consistent practices and promote accountability in competing tasks and making decisions. Workflow can automatically create and distribute documents and e-forms to further streamline the contract management process. OnBase Workflow provides users real-time status of documents and processes, enabling them to avoid the delays and errors that can have a long-term impact on business.

Contact Latitude 44 today to explore how we can assist you in selecting the best solution for managing the contracts that drive your business.

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