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OnBase for AP/AR

Managing your Accounts Payable and Receivable processes requires being aware of the whole picture. Whether you're managing the payments to suppliers or payments from customers, having all the information you need at your fingertips is the key to making timely and accurate decisions that minimize costs, maximize revenue, and foster a positive relationship with vendors and customers.

The information you need begins in the accounting system, but additional documents, in many formats, have to be found in file cabinets, email inboxes, network file server, off-site storage, desktop, outbox, ... These documents are vital to the AP/AR process but are harder to manage.

The goal is to maximize the efficiency and accuracy by which payments are issued and received by coordinating the people, documents, and technology involved in processing the information and making decisions.

OnBase ECM enables the automation of the process of acquiring all these document into one repository and linking them together to produce a comprehensive view of each AP/AR item.

You have instant access to a customized view of all the documents required to:

  • Validate the purchase, quantity, price, dates, terms
  • Take action immediately as new documents arrive
  • Respond quickly and accurately to disputes and questions
  • Collaborate with others to resolve issues
  • Route to management for review and approval
  • Analyze accounts quickly during audit review

Here are a few white-papers that explain how OnBase AP/AR solutions improve your bottom line.

Contact Latitude 44 today and find out more about OnBase and how we can help you streamline your AP/AR processes and cut costs.

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