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Conversion and Consolidation Services

Document conversion and consolidation services make it easy for customers to convert paper documents and electronic files into formats that can efficiently be transferred into their ECM system or archived.

Document conversion often requires:

  • Organizing - Physical documents must be separated, oriented, ordered, stored or disposed.
  • Scanning - Paper documents must be scanned into an appropriate file type. OCR and barcode technology will be used to acquire index data during scanning.
  • Conversion - Digital files may require conversion to an alternate file format. This may be done to improve quality, reduce file size, compatibility.
  • Data Entry - Indexing data not captured during scanning must be input manually to ensure users can efficiently retrieve documents.
  • Delivery - Converted documents can be delivered in several formats for import into the ECM system or archival purposes. Common formats are CD, DVD, HDD, and FTP.

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