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ECM Strategy

An ECM strategy is important because, as in any business decision, it's better to get it right the first time.

Whether you recognize it or not, you have an ECM strategy. Small organizations can operate with a simple strategy, giving individuals freedom to choose how they want to manage documents. As size increases, organizations develop a more complex ECM strategy designed to increase control over how documents and other types of content are managed. The progression toward increased control is also driven by an organization's objectives in terms of;

  • Business expansion
  • Cost control
  • Risk management
  • Achieving industry certification (ISO, NERC, PCI DSS)
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Regardless of where your organization is along the spectrum, you're unlikely to reverse direction. The same drivers mentioned above will influence your ECM strategy toward greater control. And, you're likely to discover how greater control reinforces your plans to achieve future business objectives.

Latitude 44 believes in the "Think Big, Start Small, and Grow Steadily" approach to developing and refining an ECM strategy.

Think big... visualize a near paperless office where each employee can instantly access the documents and information they need to perform their work.

  • Where accounting employees presented with a new invoice were also presented with all of the related documents i.e., purchase req, purchase order, shipping receipt, packing slip. Everything they need to make the decision to process the invoice for approval.

  • Where the HR administrator can coordinate employee performance reviews using a single e-form which is automatically created for each employee and routed to the appropriate manager for completion. And, upon completion, subsets of the data i.e., salary recommendation, can be compiled into a report for management's review.

  • Where facility managers responsible for coordinating activity at multiple, geographically diverse locations, has ready access to property records, facility maps, floor plans, electrical diagrams, maintenance records, operating manuals, photographs, etc.

  • Where they can do all this at the office or from any remote location with internet access.

Start Small... Select 2 or 3 functional areas where improvement is needed and success will be demonstrable.

  • Trust your management staff for recommendations. Ask each of them "Where in our business processes are capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering documents and information hampering our efficiency?

  • Discuss the nature of the inefficiency in terms of the effect being internal or external. The internal effect of inefficiency typically increases labor cost or delays revenue. The external effect of inefficiency typically results in decreased satisfaction of customers or clients.

  • Group the management recommendations into internal and external categories and select the one from each group that will produce the maximum increase in efficiency.

  • There it is! Your ECM strategy is to reduce inefficiency by addressing the highest priority internal and external causes.

Grow Steadily... Communicate and celebrate your success!

  • Integrate your ECM strategy into your routine planning process. Meet with your ECM solution provider and discuss ideas to leverage your investment. Keep informed on emerging ECM technology and best practices.

  • Measure and keep track of the improvement in operational efficiency in terms of cost savings and customer satisfaction. Use the accumulated cost saving to finance future investment in ECM solutions.

  • Find a good ECM solution provider... Like Latitude 44... to support your ECM strategy and help you select the best solution for your organization.

  • Stop, look, and listen, for the signs of an opportunity to leverage your initial investment to improve operational efficiency.

No matter where you are in the process, Latitude 44 has the expertise to assist you in refining your ECM Strategy. Contact us today for more information.

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