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OnBase ECM Solutions lets your information find you
Take your business paperless with OnBase Document Management
Put information at your fingertips with OnBase ECM Solutions
Defend against rising costs with OnBase ECM Solutions
Consolidate and share information with OnBase ECM Solutions
Empower your mobile workforce with OnBase ECM Solutions
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The LATITUDE 44 Difference


OnBase Sales & Support has been our focus for 20 years. Our management, sales, and technical people are connected to peers at Hyland Software on a daily basis by phone, via email, RSS feeds, webinars, and Hyland sponsored events OTC, OTTC, TECHQUEST... This keeps us tuned in on what's happening and aware of all developments that impact our service to our customers.


We love a challenge! And, our answer is not always "buy OnBase" or "buy more OnBase".

Our employees have expert knowledge of ECM, IT, and Network technologies, and use their knowledge and skills to develop enterprise-class solutions by combining the best technologies and best practices to solve business problems.


The employees at Latitude 44 are well educated and trained to do the interesting work they do. They are appreciated and rewarded for their productivity, innovation, teamwork, and responsiveness to customers. This makes for pleasant, and yes, fun work environment. Sure, there are tough days and long nights too, but when the storm passes we're back to good times and happy customers.


Working for 20 years with ECM systems, we know the territory. We can navigate through complex situations, establish new trade partners, and discover new routes, all to deliver the products and services that are best for our customers. We don't avoid risk, we manage it.

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